Grief and Loss

Death of a loved one. Death of a beloved pet. Job loss or transition. Pain in transitioning from having children at home to being an “empty nester”. Moving or relocation. Divorce. Unrealized dreams, hopes, or expectations. Feeling like you failed in an unrecoverable way as a parent, spouse, sibling, or child of a parent. Gradual physical or cognitive decline of a loved one due to cancer, dementia, or terminal illness. Reflection of what younger “you” did not receive from a caregiver, spouse, or close friend. A costly mistake younger “you” made that you can’t let go.

Our therapists at EMDR Center of Denver provide supportive, compassionate care when you are reeling from grief and loss. In addition to other talk therapy options, we utilize Eye Movement  Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to process losses that have left us listless and empty, saddened and sometimes reeling by the unwanted change to our lives. Based on extensive peer-reviewed research, EMDR generally works more quickly and comprehensively than most other current, known talk therapy treatments for grief and loss. EMDR re-wires neural brain circuits through bilateral stimulation, or stimulation of both brain spheres, through eye movements, vibrations, or tapping, to bring relief from unwanted symptoms to better identify and create the life you want.

EMDR can help folks process and resolve negative experiences, beliefs, and emotional triggers that may be impacting and worsening a sense of grief and loss. It can take someone from feeling like they can’t function well on any given day to living a healthy and deeply satisfying life. If you have experienced an adverse life event, such as a grief or loss that is negatively impacting your life, schedule your free consultation with us today to see how we can help you experience relief and closure in moving forward.

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