Feeling on edge and like you can’t let go and can’t relax. Playing and replaying conversations in your head and hyper-focusing on every perceived error. Fearing “worst” case scenarios. Needing constant reassurance. Reading and re-reading texts or emails you sent looking for errors. Not feeling like yourself in social or work situations and like you need to escape through working, exercising, or drinking too much, prescription meds, or edibles to not be stuck in your head. Feeling jittery or restless. Bouts of exhaustion throughout the day. Heart pounding. Chest tightness. Gastrointestinal issues. Forgetting to eat. Overeating to self-medicate. Mentally spiraling when you don’t get the validation or social approval you crave. Mentally spiraling when things feel “off” with your significant other, your boss, or a close friend. Assuming the worst.

Anxiety can be exhausting and paralyzing. Common symptoms of anxiety include trouble concentrating, irritability, feelings of restlessness or fatigue, difficulty controlling worries or fears, increased heart rate, and trouble falling or staying asleep. Anxiety can impact many different aspects of life and put a strain on relationships, work, and creating the life you want.

At the EMDR Center of Denver, we offer a unique, highly effective, evidence-based approach to anxiety. Based on extensive peer-reviewed research, EMDR generally works more quickly and comprehensively in creating relief from anxiety than most other talk therapy treatments. EMDR can work more rapidly and comprehensively by combining limited, contained exposure to the sources of anxiety with the bilateral stimulation unique to EMDR. Bilateral stimulation involves stimulation of both brain spheres through eye movements, vibrations, or tapping. Research indicates the bilateral stimulation of EMDR more quickly can rewire the brain’s neural network and bring quick, comprehensive relief from the debilitating effects of anxiety.

At the EMDR Center of Denver, we believe that everyone deserves to live a life free from the paralyzing effects of anxiety, and we are here to help you more fully create the life you want through compassionate, individualized care. If you are struggling with anxiety, schedule your first session with us today to begin to work towards better creating the life you want.

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Not sure if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety?

This questionnaire can be used as a starting point to recognize the signs and symptoms of Anxiety but is not meant to replace consultation and evaluation with a trained mental health professional. An accurate diagnosis can only be made through a clinical evaluation. Regardless of the questionnaire results, if you have concerns regarding symptoms of Anxiety that you may be experiencing, please discuss these concerns with a mental health professional. We would be happy to assist with this process.